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Explore the beautiful city of Eger while staying at our unique apartments located in the heart of the city.

Explore the beautiful city of Eger while staying at our unique apartments located in the heart of the city.

Welcome you at Uránia Apartments Eger.

Our Apartments located in the heart of Eger a few steps away from the famous Dobó square.

We opened in February 2020 above the 100 years old Uránia cinema. Before a complete refurbishment the apartments were used as public flats. During the renovation all of our apartments has been climatized but also, we kept the monumental look of the building while creating a place that fits to the modern living standards.

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Our apartment lies in the heart of Eger, only a few steps away from Dobó square, under Széchenyi str. 14.

Our Apartments located in the historic building of the Urania cinema only a one minute walk from the Dobó square. The fully equipped rooms are located on the first floor of the building. While creating the Apartments we focused on keeping the historical aspects of the building and mixing it with modern interior design solutions. The result is a high quality and atmospheric apartment.

The spirit of the city is historical but modern at the same time.

The History of Eger

Eger is rich in museums, churches, synagogues, furthermore, monuments, galleries and other cultural institutes await our guests.

Eger is the county capital of Heves county. The thousand years old face of Eger was formed through lengthy development. The baroque and the medieval Turkish memories created a characteristic building structure here.

The atmosphere of the city is heroic and stunning, charming and friendly. The several century years old castle of Eger sends the message of patriotism and braveness. The development of the city was greatly influenced by the clergy. They built schools, public buildings and a hospital.

The Bibliotheca Eszerhazyana (Library of the main clergy) was also founded by bishop Károly Eszterházy. The city lies in valley of the Eger creek, that flows between the Mátra and Bükk mountains. Eger is above the sea level by 180 meters. On its eastern side is the Eged and “Várhegy”, which make the western foothills of the Bükk.

After Eger was captured by the Ottomans it remained part of the Ottoman Empire for 91 years and was used as a vilajet (unit of public administration). The city was liberated in December 1687.

Eger flourished during the XVIII. Century. The bishops of Eger, Ferenc Barkóczy and Károly Eszterházy formed the baroque look of the city.